Metallic Taste Of Blood brings together arch six-string experimentalist Eraldo Bernocchi with Porcupine Tree bassist Colin Edwin, percussive noise soldier Balazs Pandi and keyboardist and avant-jazz alumni Jamie Saft. An intriguing collaboration in theory, and even more mind-boggling in practice. It’s a dark and maze-like scramble through ever-changing instrumental soundscapes” (Prog)

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More Live Photos from the recent Wroclaw performance MUSIC PHOTO NEWS: Metallic Taste Of

Some pictures from the Asymmetry show on Colin’s Blog page:

Colin Edwin: Live Photos Metallic Taste of Blood.

Some live photos Metallic Taste of Blood from Wroclaw, thanks to Veronika Klimonová and Kamil Downarowicz for the pictures.

Balazs Pandi

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Eraldo Bernocchi tunes up…
 Roy Powell
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